About The Kitchen

Nerissa Hope isn't a stranger to finding her truth and moving in alignment with that discovery. Born in the 60's, on the Caribbean Island of Kingston, Jamaica, she experienced limited resources and opportunities and quickly realized she wanted more. Taking matters into her own hands, she migrated to the United States at age 25.
At the time, it was just her and her eldest daughter. Raising her and the future children she would mother in the conditions she had known, was not an option. She wanted to give her family infinite opportunity to experience a life of choice and abundance.

Nerissa desired to upgrade her life in all aspects, and after her grandmother was diagnosed with high blood pressure and diabetes, it solidified her decision to do so. She eventually tapped into the Rastafarian movement which inspired her path to connect with Spirit and start her journey into clean plant-based eating and living. 
As Nerissa began to become more intentional with the type of lifestyle she was creating for herself and her family, she started to consciously choose healthier options when it came to what she exposed to her mind, body and soul. Preparing plant-based meals for her family became her passion. So, it naturally made sense for her to turn that passion into something that would not only help provide a sustainable lifestyle rooted in wellness for her family, but something that could help other families as well. 
Thus, Hope Gardens Kitchen was born. 
Hope Gardens Kitchen is a plant-based food delivery and pick-up service in Miami, Florida that offers vegan and vegetarian cuisine. It's a family business that puts clean eating and conscious living at the forefront of operations. Nerissa uses Hope Gardens Kitchen as a way to educate others on the importance of having healthier dietary experiences. Experiences that are more nourishing to their minds, bodies and lifestyles. Hope Gardens Kitchen will soon be a household name as it continues on the path of becoming the next best vegan food brand locally and globally.  
You can now get a taste of Hope Gardens Kitchen at Nene FemHealth Store in Miami, Florida.